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Bad Breath

Getting to the source of the concern

Family Dental Excellence in Upper Mt Gravatt are dedicated to getting to the source of your dental concerns. Bad breath is caused by a variety of factors, from simple diet choices, to more serious oral and overall health concerns . In less serious cases it is caused by food particles or bacteria remaining inside your mouth – on the teeth, tongue, gums and other structures. As bacteria collects inside your mouth, they release hydrogen sulphide that gives your breath an unpleasant odour. Certain foods such as garlic and onion can cause bad breath.

Other, more serious, factors that can cause bad breath

Gum disease can cause persistent bad breath and is largely a result of irregular and poor oral hygiene as well as incorrect teeth cleaning techniques.

Bad breath may also be a sign of other health problems such as  respiratory tract infection, chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disturbance, etc.

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Diagnosing and treating your bad breath

Here at Family Dental Excellence our dentist  will perform a full mouth examination to diagnose and determine the appropriate treatment. If during your examination we find your mouth in healthy condition and the odour is not oral in nature, you may be referred to your family physician to determine the cause of the odour and possible treatment. However, if the odour is due to gum disease, we are able to help treat this condition through periodontal treatment. Gum disease can cause gum tissues to pull away from the teeth and form pockets. When these pockets are deep, a professional periodontal cleaning can remove the bacteria and plaque that accumulates.

Maintaining good oral health will normally take care of unpleasant breath and keep periodontal disease from developing. Remember to also brush your tongue as it is often a culprit for bad breath. Replacing your toothbrush regularly (several times a year) is also advised. If you wear dentures you should remove them at night; they also need to be cleaned before wearing them when you arise.

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