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Full Mouth Examinations

Receive a comprehensive full mouth examination

This examination can identify any developing or potential oral concerns. This full mouth examination is crucial in maintaining your oral health as our team can pin-point any existing dental conditions that may go unnoticed by our patients. Our team is trained to understand the dynamics of a healthy mouth. As such, we can identify damaging conditions that you may not be aware of. During a full mouth examination we will examine our patients:

  • Teeth
  • Bite
  • Oral symmetry
  • Gums
  • Tongue
  • Soft tissue

Our team can ensure that each aspect of your oral function is healthy and working effectively to preserve your dental health.

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The different aspects of your mouth perform in unison

By performing full mouth examinations we can also address the entire function of your mouth, including your bite and oral symmetry. The different components of your mouth require a harmonic function in order to achieve excellent dental health. If one element of your dental function is compromised, it may have a potential negative impact on your dental health. Your teeth require the support of healthy gums and a correctly aligned jaw in order to function optimally. Our full mouth examinations can ensure that all of your dental components are functioning together in unison.

Professional cleaning

When we examine the health of the different components in your mouth we may also offer to perform a professional cleaning. During your cleaning, which is called scaling, our team can remove the plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth. While brushing, flossing and maintaining a stringent oral routine can keep your mouth healthy, some tartar build-up cannot be removed by simple at-home maintenance.  Untreated plaque and tartar build-up can lead to more serious problems, including gum disease. It is crucial that you address these concerns by regularly visiting the dentist to prevent future adverse oral conditions from developing.

You comfort will be our priority throughout your examination

We strive to keep our patients relaxed and comfortable throughout all of our treatments. Our practice has been designed and built with your comfort in mind and our team will work with you to achieve your best oral health.

A full mouth examination can identify and prevent dental concerns

Even the most seemingly minor oral problem can escalate into a harmful dental condition that could ultimately impact your overall wellbeing. Conditions, such as the early development of gum disease, have the potential to escalate into potentially debilitating health conditions.

At our Upper Mt Gravatt dental practice our dental professionals will work with you to help you achieve sound dental health.

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