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Implant Crowns

Dental implant crowns

The passionate team at Family Dental Excellence in Upper Mt Gravatt want to provide patients with long term solutions to tooth loss that can improve the appearance and health of their smile. The technology of dental implants mean those suffering from tooth loss can still benefit from receiving dental crowns even if they have lost their natural teeth.

Crowns anchored by dental implants can provide a solution to treat tooth loss once they are bonded to your jawbone. Once they are completely bonded to your jawbone, implant supported crowns can become an integrated aspect of your smile.

There are a number of advantages when treating tooth loss with implant supported crowns

At Family Dental Excellence we strive to provide our patients with dental work that can enhance the look of your smile, whilst also improving the health and function of your teeth. Implant supported crowns can fill your missing gaps whilst also improving the structure of your smile and your oral health. The advantages of implant crowns include:

  • A long term solution for tooth loss
  • Improvements in your ability to eat and speak
  • The maintenance of your oral appearance

To read more about the benefits of implant crowns and the procedure process, please continue reading below.

The first step to improving your smile – receiving your dental implant

Undergoing the dental implant procedure (followed by the installation of your implant crown) is a two part process. Initially you will need to receive your dental implant. At Family Dental Excellence our team will refer you to a dental implant specialist of the highest quality to get you through your first step of receiving an implant crown.

A dental implant is made from a titanium alloy that is highly biocompatible with your jawbone. The compatible nature of dental implants means that the rate of our patients jaw bone bonding to the dental implant is extremely high .

A dental implant is a small post like screw that will act as an anchor for your dental crown. Your jaw bone will fuse to your implant over a series of months, depending on your own individual healing time. Once your implant has completely healed, our dental professionals can begin to install your implant crown.

Receiving your implant supported crown

Once your dental implant expert has placed the implant crowns anchor, our team can place your custom made crown. The dental professionals at Family Dental Excellence will custom make your crown and tailor it to blend into your smile. Once we have created your crown, it will be attached to the implant.

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