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Sports Mouthguards

Dedicated to helping your active family keep their teeth for life

To make this possible we offer quality mouthguards tailored specifically to your child’s needs. Did you know dental injuries are the most common types of facial injuries accumulated during participation in contact sports?

Protect and prevent

At Family Dental Excellence we can provide a custom made mouthguard to help protect your child’s teeth and help prevent the following from occurring:

  • Tooth/teeth chipping
  • Broken or knocked out teeth
  • Cut lips, cheeks or gums
  • Cuts to the tongue
  • Broken jaw

Players of all ages involved in sports and activities where they are at risk of an injury to the face should protect their teeth with a properly fitted mouthguard. However some people’s dental structure puts them at a higher risk of dental injury over others, and should definitely consider wearing a mouth guard during sports and activities. These ‘high risk’ dental structures include:

  • Protrusive (‘buck’) front teeth
  • Inadequate lip coverage over the front teeth
  • Participation in sports or leisure activities that carry a high risk of collision or falls

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Custom made mouthguards to suit your child’s individual needs

Here at Family Dental Excellence we offer custom made mouthguards over boil and bite guards to ensure correct fit, comfort and proper safety. Boil and bite guards that can be bought over the counter are often too thin in critical areas where protection is needed and then too thick in others. More often the guard will need to be cut to actually fit your mouth.  Below are the reasons we recommend our active patients, not just children, wear a custom made mouthguard:

  • A custom made mouthguard is designed to accommodate your unique bite, and individual needs
  • Is comfortable yet tight-fitting;
  • Allows normal breathing, speech and swallowing

How to take care of your child’s mouthguard

When not in use, store the mouthguard out of direct sunlight as heat can distort the custom positioning that was modeled on your child’s teeth. After use, rinse the mouthguard in cold water and let it air dry. We also advise that you bring your mouthguard to your continuing care appointments to check that it is the right fit and there is no damage.

How often will a mouthguard need replacing?

Your mouthguard is often reviewed every 6-12 months. For children, they may need to have their mouthguards replaced to accommodate for their changing teeth and jaw structure.

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